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#Vigneto Moscato D’Asti

#Vigneto Moscato D’Asti


Straw yellow with greenish reflections, white and persistent foam; pleasantly sweet, fresh and intense with a note of musk characteristic of Moscato; thrilling and utterly flattering on the palate, wonderful wine to share with friends and family after dinner, with desserts or lively conversation.


A third generation winemaker from Cascina Pian d’Or, Lorenzo Barbero named his winery for the white Moscato vines the family has farmed for over 50 years. Lorenzo carefully selects the fruit of particular vineyard sites to yield vibrant fruit profiles couched within a precious balance of sweetness and acidity, allowing richness to exist alongside clarity.These grapes are grown on guyot-trained vines planted to sandstone with significant limestone and tuft on hills 1200 feet above sea level. The cane-pruning is designed for low to moderate vigor, and this vineyard is planted 6000 vines/ha. Fruit is hand- picked, usually during the first week of September, immediately soft-pressed, and then cooled in vats to maintain fruit aromas and prevent untimely fermentation. The controlled fermentation occurs with selected yeasts, transforming latent fruit sugars into alcohol. When the fermenting wine attains proper alcohol (5% for the Moscato, 7% for Dolce), fermentation is halted by cooling down the wine to 26°C, protecting a lively, bright balance between acidity, sugar and alcohol.

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